The appeal of your office is definitely an important matter, yet, there are those who believe that appearances should never come to the forefront. This is because they automatically assume that there’s this polarizing split between the appearance and productivity, when, in reality, both of these trends work towards the same goal.

First, a professional looking office is a place where your employees feel comfortable in. Second, it helps you impress your customers, investors and partners. Finally, it helps with branding, seeing as how you can now use these images on the website of your company. With that in mind and without further ado, here are top five tips for making a professional looking office.

Top 5 Tips for Making a Professional Looking Office


1. Reception area

The first thing you need to take care of is the reception area. The reception desk needs to be just the right size, seeing as how a too low desk seems somewhat ridiculous, whereas too tall of a desk tends to be somewhat intimidating. Due to the fact that the main goal of your reception area is to be welcoming, this latter trend simply defeats the person. The content of the desk should also contain some promotional materials, as well as a standard bowl with candies for your guests to enjoy.

2. More efficient conference room

According to one informal statistic, an average office worker attends about 62 meetings per month. Since most of these meetings take place in the conference room, it is incredibly important that you dedicate as much effort as you can to this particular area. The conference table should be just the right size to welcome all of your employees, even if most meetings don’t require everyone’s attendance. Aside from this, you need to get a reliable projector or screen in order to make your presentations more efficient and more visual.


3. A corridor through the office

When walking people through the general work area and all the way to your desk, you need to ensure that you do so with the most efficient and careful pathing there is. What we mean by that is that you can’t afford to have a potential investor squeezed between desks in order to get across the office. This makes you look unprofessional, same as it distracts the people who are just trying to focus on their work. Instead, you should make a corridor through the office, even if you’re working in an open floor.

4. Dual monitors

The productivity of your employees should always be paramount, however, some gadgets and tools, while productive, do nothing to contribute to the overall visuals of your office. A trend of multiple screens is an exception to this general rule. First of all, dual monitors help your employees work faster and with greater efficiency and they also make your office look more tech-savvy. The greatest risk that you’re facing is a potentially expensive repair and maintenance fee; yet, if you take a safer approach and go for quality devices and reliable brands, you should be fine. For instance, by buying an additional Samsung monitor for everyone you can successfully minimize this risk.

Top 5 Tips for Making a Professional Looking Office


5. A simple color palette

While it is true that different colors may swing your mood, the truth is that an office that’s too colorful gives out a much less professional impression. Now, before someone misinterprets this, no one is suggesting that you should make your office grey and bleak. However, a tad simpler color palette definitely wouldn’t hurt your efforts to appear more professional. One of the simplest ways to handle this is to go monochrome. The way in which this works is fairly simple: you pick a single dominant color and try to use only its nuances in your design (if possible).


Of course, appearance is not everything and a professional-looking office isn’t necessarily an efficient one. Nonetheless, while you’re at it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest that extra bit of effort in order to make your office attractive to partners, investors and customers. After all, we’ve already clarified that you don’t really have to choose, so why not get the best of both worlds?


Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.