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14 10, 2018

5 Reasons Why Borrowing Money From Friends is Not Advisable

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Money is the most valued material these days. While so many things are influenced by money, you’d definitely realize that not only faith can move mountains but even money can do the same thing as well. With fundings and all, you can make great things happen - from purchasing all the things you want, [...]

18 10, 2014


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loan It is either payday loans are not offered at all or if there are, these loans have been regulated strictly. In spite of this matter, there are still several businesses that have found a way and offer to give this kind of transactions to people despite the rules implemented about this. Offered just for a brief amount of [...]

9 10, 2014

The Truth about Payday Loans

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Young, British and Broke BBC - documentary With a million people set to use payday loans to pay for Christmas this year, Miquita Oliver goes undercover to find out the truth about Britain’s most controversial type of borrowing and meets people whose loans have spiralled out of control, sometimes with devastating results