Protecting Yourself From Financial Fraud

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Protecting Yourself From Financial Fraud


Fraud Is On The Rise And Everyone Is Affected

Fraud is on the rise all over the world and it’s costing you money. Financial analyst Preet Banarjee explores this issue of financial fraud and how you can protect yourself. Canadians Police say there’s been a significant increase in identity theft.

Check fraud and counterfeit currency cases last year identity theft was up by a staggering 86% from 2013. This type of figures is on our streets.  It’s in on our businesses and organizations.  It’s over the telephone.  It’s over the Internet.  It’s over social media. Sometimes it’s random and at other times it’s very well organized and targeted.

The first step for many fraudsters is to try and gain a person’s trust when they are contacted and playing on people’s emotions.

Are you prepared? It’s time for all of us to keep an eye out for sharks in the waters of life… Make sure you have the tools and information to protect yourself against fraud and to protect your money and identity.

Precautions To Avoid Consumer Scams

Never give out personal information!

Be suspicious of anyone you don’t know who asked for your Social Security number, credit card number, bank account details or your date of birth.

Don’t be intimidated

Scammers mostly use false urgency techniques to get you to provide or verify personal information immediately. Tell them you’re not interested and hang-up and forward the email to your states anti-fraud agency. Monitor your accounts and view your bank and credit card statements carefully. Record any unauthorized transactions, no matter how small to your financial institution, immediately. 

Use a shredder before you use a garbage can

Tear or shred credit card offers you receive in the mail, bank statements, insurance forms and other papers that contain your personal information. Scammers can steal your identity from papers you routinely throw away. Never pay any money upfront to claim a lottery or sweepstakes prize. These are called advanced fees scams. You’ll never see that money again and definitely won’t see the price.

Never transfer money from your bank account or wire money to an unknown person or business

If so, than say ‘good bye’ – you’d never see your money again! Better go online and research any deal offered. Maybe someone else who has been scammed is telling their sad story online and it can save you a ton. Take this precautions seriously to avoid consumer scams.


Get current Consumer information, regularly updated:

Financial Fraud & Scams | Consumer Alert Feed

[updated every 30Min.]

Finance Fraud Scam Watch


Tips To Protect Your Money And Identity

Make sure you have the right tools to protect yourself against fraud.

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