The University ofWisconsin-Madison, a scenic campus recognizedfor its academic excellence, incredible students, inspiringfaculty, and exceptional value.

Within the Big 10 campusis the School of Human Ecology, SOHE, a smaller schoolwhere faculty and advisers work closely with students to developtheir skills and interests and prepare them forcareers they'll love.

SOHE is one of a small number ofschools in the nation to offer a personal finance major.

It was named one of the top 35great colleges for the program.

Personal finance is a highlyemployable career track that is projected togrow an impressive 27%, 15% higher than other jobsin business and finance, according to the USDepartment of Labor.


And because professionalcertification creates more opportunities,our personal finance majors graduate eligible to sit for theprestigious Certified Financial Planner exam andboast a pass rate well above the national average.

I have had several job offersand even secured a position before my junior year.

What I've noticedis that companies like that my program iscertified by the CFP Board, that I had the experienceof studying abroad, and that I have had theopportunity to teach within the personalfinance program.

SOHE students are providedwell-rounded curriculum, real world experiences,and exceptional networking opportunities from apeople first perspective.

Unlike some degrees,personal finance connects your knack fornumbers with an opportunity to help others.

This major is aboutbeing open and honest and putting peopleand their needs first.

We have smaller classes, and thestudents here are very social.

No one is shy.

Plus, the topics hereare very interesting and deals withreal world issues.

I feel as though I connect withthe students and the professors here, who are always available.

Our engaged facultyand advisers work to prepare you for a rangeof financial careers, to help you build a futureyou can be excited about.

Ever since I canremember, I've wanted to pursue a career infinance, and my passions for helping people andbuilding close relationships made the personal financemajor an ideal choice for me.

Through my internships,I've learned that I can use theknowledge from the classroom to help people excel bothprofessionally and personally.

Think creatively.

Solve professionally.

Act compassionately witha personal finance degree.

The University ofWisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology.

This is where you belong.