Making investments, is one thing.  Managing them, is another. Smart is not doing both. Take a look at smart ways to manage your investment.

Let’s have a look on four basic principles

1.) To begin  pay attention to investment expenses investing with an eye towards investment cost can improve your returns over many years. 

2.) Be aware of , but that don’t let them dictate your investment strategy. If it is time to sell an investment don’t let the fear of paying taxes on capital gains stop you.

3.) Monitor your investment strategy to stay on target. As with any financial plan you should check your investment strategy at least once a year. In addition, you may want to make changes if the financial circumstances in your life or you tolerance for risk has changed. 

For example, you may want to adjust investment mixes as you near or you enter , a marriage, divorce, death in a family, birth of a child or a new job may also want a different asset allocation. 

4.) Finally, rebalance the portfolio is needed to keep it aligned with your intended asset allocation. Asset mix that you’ve eventually selected for investment portfolio may become unbalanced over time.  Different types of assets perform differently in different market conditions.


Developing will keep it keep in tune with your your investment plan financial planning goals.  Remember everyone’s situation is different.  There are no cookie-cutter solutions.  Whether you turn over the management of your investments to financial professional, which is one for a financial planning Association, or you do it all yourself,  you’re ultimately responsible for the results!