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Thank you for your interest in guest posting about Personal Finance related topics on CashAeon.com!

We appreciate the time and efforts you spend to be considered for guest posting! We have a few basic requirements for our guest posts. Please read and follow this guidelines.

Basic requirements:

Posts must be

  • Personal Finance related topics
  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Well-written
  • Minimum 450 words up to 3.500 words

In addition to these basic requirements, the following rules apply:

  • The guest post must be original material owned by you.
  • It shall not be previously published in print or on another website.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest. Proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the post.
  • If we accept your submission, you agree to not publish this post on any other website including your own website or in print.
  • You certify that you have the legal permission to use any images, graphics, diagrams, etc. that you submit with your post. Photos and graphics created by other individuals or companies must be listed with one of the following creative commons licenses: Attribution (CC BY), Attribution-NoDerivs (CC BY-ND) or Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA).)
  • Send a short author biography in 120 words or less (which may include a link to your social media profile or website) that we may include alongside your post. Your picture (120px x 120px max) may also be included.
  • Links to your own website are allowed but keep the blog post vendor neutral and free of advertising. Affiliate links are not allowed (We encourage you to put a teaser post on your own website linking to your guest post.)
  • You may link to your guest post from your own site. Backlink Spam to your article will result in immediate deletion of the affected article and the cancellation of your account!

Notification of Selection:

If we approve your post, we will notify you by email within 3 days of your submission of the date your post will appear in the on CashAeon.com Blog.

If we are unable you include your submission, we will try to notify you within 3 days of your submission.

Why was a submission rejected?

There are several reasons that we may not include your submission.

  • The submission doesn’t meet our requirements stated above.
  • The topic is not relevant to our grant management audience.
  • The guest submission is poorly written (Excessive grammatical or spelling errors)

We appreciate you taking the time to submit a guest post, but we reserve the right to reject any submissions at our sole discretion without giving a reason.

Editorial Policy

  • We reserve the right to edit your submission for grammatical, punctuation or spelling.
  • We reserve the right to edit your submission for readability in our website format
  • We prefer posts with an length of 450 – 3500 words. Excessively long posts may be broken into multiple posts at our discretion.
  • We reserve the right to include a short introduction or summary in the post to clarify the topic to our readers. If used, this will be clearly identified as separate from your content.

What if I have additional questions?

Please complete the contact us form.

By submitting a guest authored article for review, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this Guest Posting Policy.  We understand the time required to keep blogs full of fresh and interesting content, and appreciate the time you spend to be considered for guest posting!


Last Edited: November 06, 2014 – CashAeon.com