When I first moved out on my own, there were many things did I not know concerning being responsible for myself. I had enjoyed the college dorm life and living at home with mom along with their minimal cares. However, when I decided to carry my own insurance policy, I quickly became an adult as I now had a bigger picture to consider.

It was all about me and what I cared about when it came to what I wanted to protect. Mom was no longer responsible for my car, health, or where I lived, though she would not have minded to be. Instead, I had to decide what was important, how important, and how much I wanted to spend to keep it safe. Therefore, along with my car and health, I set up an insurance policy to cover my home. On that note, here are five reasons why you should do the same.

A Place to Live

You need a place to live. You need somewhere to retreat to to get away from work and the cares of the world. More than anything, you need to be able to keep a secured roof over your and your family’s head. Therefore, in order to make sure you keep such a place, make sure that your home is insured.


Most Valuable Investment

Your house (if you own it) is your most valuable investment or share of stock you own. Unlike an automobile, there is a good chance that if you purchased your home brand new, its value will increase over time. Therefore, when you sell it years down the road, you can make money off it by marketing it for more than you bought it.

Also, one day you may decide to move out and rent out your home. If you do so, you will become a Landlord and have a business that brings in a continuous income. With these things being said, another reason to keep your house insured is because of the simple fact that it can pay you back.

Your Treasures

You have a lot of things that you like in your house. Whether it is a gaming system, large television, your favorite shirt, pants, shoes, artwork, or more, you appreciate these things. If someone were to break in and steal these possessions, or a natural disaster took place, you would surely want to replace them.  Therefore, make sure you are carrying an insurance policy on your house large enough to cover their value.


You may have somebody come over and sit, stand, land on, or be struck by an object in your house. This accident may lead to an injury requiring medical attention. If you have liability written into your home’s insurance policy, you will be able to help pay for some of their medical expenses.

Mortgage Company Requirement

Last but not the least, in order to buy a house, the mortgage company will require you to carry insurance. If you do not have insurance, they will apply their own. More than likely, theirs will cost more than your insurance company’s will. Therefore, stick with your own policy as you can take it with you no matter which house you live in.