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Choosing The Best Wireless Plan


If there is one thing that you need, it is a cell phone. The companies who provide service for wireless phones understand the necessity of their existence in life and will always be competing for customers. To stiffen competition, they are continually dropping their prices in specific categories and offering more flexibility in others. Therefore, it is hard to keep up with who is doing what and there will always be an argument for which wireless service provider is best.

However, there are some things you should be aware of when choosing which service is most suitable for you. You have needs and desires for you cell phone and life and want to be sure that your personal obligations can be fulfilled. On that note, here are seven things to research when considering which wireless plan will work best for you.


There are more cell phone service providers than you have knowledge of. Therefore, before you walk into one of their stores or approach their retail booth, get your facts together concerning what they have to offer.

Look up their:

  1. a) Current sales
  2. b) Special discounts (employer, military, referral programs, etc)
  3. c) Devices (phones, tablets, hotspots, smart watches, etc)
  4. d) Area coverage 
  5. e) Plans

and more. If you are a busy person, do not get wrapped around trying to be cheap, but rather focus on sufficiency.


The market is filled with a lot of cool phones to choose from. Just when you think you have found the phone that works best for you, the retail store has another one on the shelf with better features. Make sure you are ready to pay a significant amount for a nice phone if you are not pre-approved for a free one. Any smartphone user will tell you of the multitude of benefits that come with having a tech savvy calling and data enabled device. However, you can still go with a cheaper phone, but will be limited in what you can do when compared to others.


This is one of the biggest factors to consider before ever choosing a phone. You will want to make sure that when you travel, you are still able to make calls, receive text messages, emails, notifications and more. You will also want to know if you will be charged extra for having to roam on a network that is outside of your carrier’s coverage area.

Usage Parameters

Unlimited calling, texting, and data is the new hype for avid wireless phone users. However, make sure you read the fine print. Your unlimited calls may only be at specific times of the day, to certain people, or weekends. Also, your calling parameters may more than likely only be for when you are in your home country. If you travel to another country, you more than likely will be billed more for your calls.

Family Plan

A family plan can be extremely beneficial. This is executed by adding a family member or more to your wireless plan.

Most wireless companies will give significant discounts to family plan holders. Their goal is to attract more customers and when you add family members, the wireless company is satisfied. This is a great way for you to split bill expenses with others and enjoy the same benefits at cheaper rates to each participant.


Most phones today require data plans to function properly. Therefore, go ahead and put it in your budget if you want one of the latest and greatest tech happy calling gadgets. Also, many data plans that say “unlimited” when referencing usage actually only allow unlimited usage up to a specified gigabyte (GB) amount. Once your usage reaches the threshold, the data on your phone will either slow down, ask you to pay more for more GB’s, or both.


If you are going to send messages via text messaging functions, your phones normal coverage should be fine. However, if you look to use social networking apps, email, and more to send messages, you will need a data plan. There are many cool apps that allow you to type, send pictures, slideshows, videos and more as messages. Therefore, be sure that you get a cellular device and a plan that can accommodate these things if you find these characteristics interesting.


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