Why private keys need – and now have! – failure-proof security

Card Wallet – Storing Bitcoin the safe and easy way

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are constantly attacked by hackers. If a private key is stored online or also known to individuals other than the user, security risks arise. The private key stored on the new Chainlock card of the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) has no such weak spots. It was developed in cooperation with Coinfinity based on its secure entropy technology and ranks among the most secure private keys in the world:

  • The key pair is generated in a high-quality procedure, for which a patent application has been filed: not a single person can ever see this private key.
  • Key verification is carried out by a machine without human input.
  • The private key is stored offline and at no point available online.
  • It is known to the user only.
  • High-security materials used in the production of the Chainlock card minimize the security risk.

Digital security check

The appΒ will guide you through the process. ChainLockCode (CLC) is an additional security feature and a component of the unique procedure for which a patent application has been filed. It further protects the information on the card cryptographically and enables a check of this information with the Chainlock app.

High-security features

Many further security features serve as reliable forgery protection for the Chainlock card. They include, among other features:

  • microprinting on the front and back side
  • continuous colour gradient (Iris print)
  • patterns visible in UV and infrared light

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