no one likes to be a victim of fraud butcard fraud which happens when a criminal uses your debit or credit cardinformation to make purchases can be especially frustrated these work in many different ways togain access to your information one way is by sending phishing emails or textmessages these messages appear to come from companies you know but are actuallycriminals trying to obtain your information Robin's financial credit union willnever ask you for personal information in emails or text messages at robinsfinancial we're committed to keeping your information safe and helping toprevent card fraud before it happens Robin's financial monitors your creditand debit cards around the clot with Falcon fraud prevention services ifsuspicious activity is detected you will get a call right away to verify thetransaction if the transaction is fraudulent your car will be blockedimmediately to prevent further fraud Robbins financial also offers freeonline services to help you monitor and track your activity regularly monitoringyour account can allow you to quickly detect and stop fraudulent activity ifyou lose your cart or C unauthorized charges on your account report the issueto Robin's financial immediately you can block your card through online bankingor by calling our 24-hour telephone teller if unauthorized transactionsoccurred you're covered by visa zero liabilityprotection here are some tips on keeping your information secure you securepasswords for your accounts do not use generic or easy to guess fest wordsnever write down your pin or give it to anyone do not give out personal informationover the phone through the mail or online unless you've initiated contactand you're sure you know who you're dealing with keep your purse or wallet in a safeplace Robin's financial is committed tohelping protect you against fraud for additional information on how to preventreport fraudulent car transactions call click and visit any of our branchlocations.