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Personal Capital Talks: Wedding Finance

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Both people who want to get married should contribute to the wedding That really depends couple by couple We've never really had that discussion We feel it's pretty sexist to say to a bride Here have a big party And to our son say, eh you're out of luck It should be 50-50, like down the middle The one disadvantage of having mom pay for it Is that we've relinquished a lot of control to her Yes, we had a strict budget I think people may consider us under budget because we're gonna not, we're not spending all of it on just the day like it's going to also be for honeymoon And hopefully, ideally, have a little bit left over We got married under a tree at my parent's house My father officiated and we had a small dinner, so there was no budget there was very little expense But, you know, she has a budget – or she had a budget It's gone now A venue that doesn't rake you over the coals for everything Don't tell people you're having a wedding because that tacks on like a 30 percent premium to everything I really don't know how you could save money on a wedding I did everything on my own We'll like cover some of the cost, but then we're like asking people for.

It was very small They got married in the Shakespeare Garden, 8 people Strategic on the way we planned it We only wanted X amount of people, we kept it very small No one's going to be two years later like, "Oh man, do you remember the chicken?" Like no one really cares people want a really good experience it's like before and after, he's just like La la la, I'm having a baby, bla bla bla Oh happiest day of my life, it was great couldn't have asked for anything different.

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