Guide to Getting Cheap Airplane Tickets With VPN

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  • Guide to Getting Cheap Airplane Tickets With VPN

Guide to Getting Cheap Airplane Tickets With VPN

If you are one of those people who really like to travel, and enjoy it, you perhaps always have to calculate how much money you need, because the holidays tend to be really expensive, especially transport tickets to some distant destinations. Travel is one of the best things in life, but does that necessarily mean that you have to allocate a sizable sum to be able to afford a trip? No, not necessarily. We will show you a few tricks on how to purchase tickets for a particular destination, according to the cheapest price.

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Depending on the destination, most people spend a large sum of money just on tickets. You probably use all possible ways to make your search results favorable. But, there is something that your browser can do for you. Here’s how. Offers you receive depend on whether you use a Mac or PC while searching because these sites were actually profiling customers based on the technology they were using, something now known as the “price steering”. What seems certain is that you might be paying more than you need, due to your choice of device.

Guide to Getting Cheap Airplane Tickets With VPN

What is also certain is that you need to use your smartphones to search for the cheapest flights and tickets. More favorable deals are offered to iPhones and Android handsets than to laptops and desktop machines. Also, important thing is that all browsers have privacy modes built in that allow you to surf the web incognito. Essentially, these modes prevent the storing of your browsing history, which is thought to be one of the things that can affect prices. These modes are easy to turn on and off, plus you can run an incognito tab next to a normal one without it having an impact on your PCs behavior.

Another factor that influences the offered price is your location. It is sometimes on the regional level, but prices often vary based on the country where you live. Websites can detect your location due to the unique IP address that identifies your network connection. Internet protocol or IP represents your address on the Internet that “tells” websites where you are located. With VPN you get a new IP address from another location, so the travel website can not see where you are truly located.

Guide to Getting Cheap Airplane Tickets With VPN

There are also other ways in which websites can determine your location. Cookies are one of the reasons why prices change just for you. They allow the site to remember your preferences and keep you always logged in. Generally speaking, they are a very helpful feature. But, in some cases though they can be used to track your sessions, so that the site builds up a profile based on your searches and the things you liked previously. As the travel sites “finds out” that you’re doing several searches for the same query, they simply increase the flight’s price. Also, websites can use your mobile’s or tablet’s GPS to see where you are located, and then use that to determine which pricing to offer you, or through a WiFi connection can detect your location, which you can prevent through the ExpressVPN.

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